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Florida Workers Compensation Insurance, Quick Certificates for 1+ Employees

Are you an owner/operator or do you have a small company with just a few employees? Have other folks told you that you are too small to get workers compensation insurance? That is NO problem for us! We can get you approved for workers’ compensation insurance, usually within

24 hours after we receive your application.

Most folks don’t know that workers’ compensation insurance coverage can only be provided to an “employee”, which is defined as a worker, including yourself, that receives a regular payroll check, has income and social security taxes withheld from their paycheck, and receives matching social security taxes from their employer. They must receive a W2 form to file with the IRS each year, not an IRS form 1099 that applies to independent contractors.

However, even though your IRS form 1099 workers cannot be covered by your own workers’ compensation insurance, you can continue to use them. We can keep you in compliance with all government rules & regulations and provide you with all forms required. We process “independent contractor’ checks to them for you and deliver them with your normal payroll each pay period. There is a small charge per check and a small charge to process the IRS 1099 forms and mail them out for you at the end of each calendar year.


We can email certificates of worker’s compensation insurance (proof of coverage) to your customers in as little as 48 hours from when you first contact us


Most commercial and government agencies will not accept a workers’ compensation exemption certificate and will require you to provide them with a “Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance”. The certificates are immediately issued by your insurance company upon your request and show their name, your company name as the insured, your policy number, when your policy coverage period

starts and ends, and it shows the name of your customer (the certificate holder), their address and fax number.


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