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What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

Just like your business was established to build a specific product or provide a specific service, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a business established specifically to employ people. And just like you employ people skilled in building your products or providing your services, PEOs have highly qualified personnel that specialize in nothing but the ever growing and changing rules and regulations associated with employing people.

Why Should You Use A PEO?

If you have your own workers compensation policy and have had a frequency of claims or some severe claims, you have seen your experience modification sky rocket from 1.00 times the State rate to 2.00 or 3.00 times the State rate, and that makes you uncompetitive in the market place.

This rating system is not really fair. For example, some of your employees can be involved in vehicle accidents, none of which was their fault, and all of their injuries will become worker’s compensation claims under your policy, even though your workers compensation insurance provider used a process called “subrogation” to get fully reimbursed from the “at fault” drivers vehicle insurance policy. The frequency of those claims are held against you, and if the dollar amount of your claims exceed your premium for that year, you may encounter an experience modification problem that will last for several years.

One way to avoid this unfair treatment is to use the services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), which is also called an Employee Leasing Company.

Most PEO’s have an experience modification of 1.00 times the State WC rate, and often it is much less than that. When you buy your workers compensation coverage through a PEO, they will carefully re-evaluate your actual claim frequency, severity, and injury details during the last 5 years and adjust your future workers compensation costs accordingly.

Let me give you a proposal to show you just how much this can save you. Just fill out my request form, and I will get it right to you.

PEO Services Summary

Payroll Services

  • Payroll check processing including direct deposits

  • Federal withholding tax deposits

  • State unemployment tax deposits

  • 941 and 940 filings

  • State unemployment tax return filing

  • W-2 and W-3 filing and distribution

  • Child support garnishments

  • Customized payroll reports

  • Job costing reports

  • Certified payroll reports

  • Eliminate IRS payroll tax audits

  • Employee document maintenance and storage

Workers’ Compensation

  • Elimination of workers’ compensation premium deposits

  • Elimination of workers’ compensation premium audits

  • Workers’ Compensation claim management and administration

  • Aggressive fraudulent claim defenses

  • Safety manual development

  • Safety training services

  • Drug free workplace development and administration

  • OSHA record keeping assistance

  • Return to work program development and coordination

Human Resources Services

  • SUTA claims, hearings and appeals administration

  • Provide Federal and State labor postings

  • Employee handbook development

  • Employee job description development assistance

  • Assist in managing and resolving employee conflicts

  • Assist with employee performance reviews

  • Assist with employee termination issues

  • Wage and hour claims assistance

  • ADA compliance assistance

  • PRWORA compliance assistance

  • COBRA Administration

  • FMLA compliance assistance

Employee Benefit Services

  • Administration of employee benefit plans

  • Administration of Section 125 Plans

  • Employee benefit plan enrollment

  • Address employee benefit inquires, claims, and questions

  • Administer 401 k plans and other retirement plans

  • Provide access to group health insurance plans

  • Provide access to dental plans

  • Provide access to employee discount programs

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