All the employers in Florida should purchase workman’s compensation insurance with having a few exemptions. This insurance includes all types of injuries whether it is occurred intentionally or fraudulently undergone by the employee. Therefore in order to treat the patient having injury, an employer has a right to choose an appropriate physician. Employees suffering from losing of daily wage should be entitled for receiving worker’s compensation insurance under certain terms and conditions.

What do you mean by a worker’s compensation?

An employer should buy such an insurance that covers the liability of an employer if an employee gets injured at the time of working on the site. If an employee encounters injury, then he must be able to acquire medical bills or treatment along with insurance and any wages or other losses of that particular employee. This insurance reduces the chances of occurring legal battles in between an employer and an employee.

Who should purchase compensation coverage?

The employers owning construction establishments in Florida should purchase this insurance whether they have part-time or full time employees. The corporate officers belonging from Limited Liability Company may exempt from the coverage insurance requirements.

Any non-construction establishment owning employer having four or more part time or full time employees must be qualified for obtaining worker’s compensation insurance. As Corporate officers, sole proprietors and the business partners are the employees, but they are not able to acquire compensation benefits. If the employer has the insurance policy from out-of-state, the insurance company must be licensed in Florida.

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