Using a payroll company

Using a payroll company


Eliminates having to estimate your payroll for the next 12 months.


Allows you to pay your premium by the week instead of by the year.


Avoids an audit so you will never owe money at the end of each policy year.


Claims will not raise your premium.

  • Shifts all of the burden and liability for workers compensation insurance, employee administration, payroll processing, payroll taxes, and government compliance from you to your payroll company (see below for further details about administrative fee & services).

The companies that I represent are in the “payroll company” category. They will do all of your payroll processing so they can be sure they are collecting the correct amount of workers compensation premium, and they quickly issue as many certificates as you need showing proof of coverage.

Unlike my competitors, in our program:

There is NO minimum number of employees that you are required to have and the minimum amount of payroll that you are required to process is only $500 weekly.

You will be allowed to use as many workers’ compensation codes as you need. You will not be forced to run your entire payroll under your most expensive code.

You will not be forced to put up a security deposit equal to one payroll or force you to pay by cashiers check, even if you have perfect credit.

Most of the PEO’s I represent will not charge you a $250-$1000 deductible on every workers compensation claim that you have, and they will pay 100% of every claim.